Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009

dimensi seks indonesia

After a careful and secret preparation, the most important global dell'intellighenzia antivaccarezziana gathered at the conference in a luxurious and splendid hotel to distribute and launch the world a scream.

Defendants in Zurich from every corner of the planet - including the notorious Philippines - thinkers wished to establish with a serious qualms working document, which had the title of the Universal Declaration of Man Defects.

This was written on an ancient Coptic parchment carefully removed for the occasion. Here, following the text of the document:

"We Exponents of Liberty ... We Patrioti of Justice ... We Paladini against oppression ... We Enemies of baldness ... [Omissis] We have gathered there to proclaim the following defects: * * The foolishness The lowliness * The vanity * evil eye * The greed * The stupidity acredine * The * * The pinguitudine The Wealth pharyngitis * * * The omnipotence The Jello * The eczema * The dripping [Omissis] therefore condemn all these defects, we find the presence of all these defects in a single individual; banned from this forum civil individual

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